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hair & makeup for film

Here's what I can bring to the team through my education and my experience.

30 Hours of Film Training

In addition to the 6-week professional makeup artistry program, I completed 1-week specialized training for film makeup and hair. Topics ranged from script breakdowns to continuity documentation.

Quick Makeup Application

Time is often the most valuable resource on set. My work process focuses on efficiency without sacrificing quality - such as custom sewing makeup brush organizers to match the film makeup application workflow.

Professional Sanitation

The last thing a film project needs is a flu/cold/COVID outbreak. Germs can easily spread through makeup products, which is why professional sanitation practices are key.

Experience Working On Set

Classroom learning is only the beginning. My time spent working on film sets has taught me things you can only learn on the job. From following set etiquette to properly setting up my work space, I can hit the ground running upon arrival.

A Full Makeup & Hair Kit

My professional kit contains high-end products designed to suit a variety of skin tones, meet a variety of project needs, and show up well on camera.

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